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100 Questions to Ask Your OC
Hello, folks! The purpose of this exercise is to delve deep into a character's mind and tease out interesting eccentricities about them, the bits and pieces of unique information that make them special. Each question is designed to help think about the character more and understand them. Whether you're responding to one question or all of them, hopefully your character speaks to you all through it!
   1. People don't behave the same way all the time. In fact, they generally have a mask for every social group -- friends, family, business. Sometimes they have a different mask for different groups of friends. How does your character act around different people? How does their personality shift and change?
   2. Your character has been brought to a party and promptly ditched. They don't have a ride back home. How does this work? How comfortable are they around all of these strangers? Do they interact?
   3. It's kind of awkward - what subje
:iconviralremix:viralremix 1,785 119
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I see him in the mirror my other half I've always been afraid.... Of him and what he'll do... he wants to take over I can feel it he hates me he hates that I've trapped him inside only to be let out when I want him to be, he paces inside my head waiting for that one moment it's the only thing he needs one moment of weakness to take over I can't.... I can't let him take over I'm the only thing standing in his way....I have to stay strong I can't let him escape... All of those who I care about they would be in danger he wouldn't stop till he's destroyed everything..... He's growing stronger every day I can sense it  the  nightmares are getting  worse and his voice is growing stronger in my head....he knows it's only a matter of time before he can over power me.... and when he does there won't be anything I can do I'll be trapped  just like he was trapped... Trapped and forced to watch everyone I care about  die .... I wish I could get help but I know I  can'
:icondarkiplier666:Darkiplier666 166 46
OC Meme
*Copy this into your Meme..
-Choose 10 of your OC's
-Answer the questions
-Then tag 3 people
1.) 3, 7, 4, and 9 go ice skating. What happens?
2.) Its Christmas!!! 5 throws a christmas party and invites three people of choice. Who does he/she invite? What happens?
3.) 6 catches 2 dancing/singing to the 'spice girls'. What's 6's reaction?
4.) 1 and 10 are stuck in a janitor's closet. How the crap did they get in there?
5.) 4 confesses his/her love for 8. What happens?
6.) 3 walks in to see 6 and 7 making out in 3's closet.. What is their reactions?
7.) 9 and 5 have an argument that soon turns into a fist fight. How did it start? And How does 2 try to break it up?
8.)  6 and 7 are getting married! But 8 is in love with 7. What does 8 do?
9.) You here a knock on your door. You open it to see every one of your OC's bursting in to your home. What do you do?
10.) 2 admits to you that he/she killed 9. What do you do?
11.)  Everyone gat
:iconblueblurr:Blueblurr 701 136


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Gaming, My Little Pony, Creepypasta, Anime, YouTube, music, books, writing, drawing (duh), furries, comics, TV, cosplay
If u like any of that, stick around! It'll b fun!!!


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